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Matilde Nuñez Del Prado Alanes
Interests: Animal Studies, Critical Animal Studies, Human-Animal Studies, Critical Theory

Susan McHugh
University of New England USA
Interests: Literary animal studies, animal stories, canine cultural studies, Indigenous and posthumanist theory, representations of extinction and genocide, literary and cultural plant studies, and more!

Elwin John

Interests: Graduate student, Anthropology, SFU
Human-elephant relationship

Moumita Bala
PhD Scholar
Interests: Animal studies

Rajlakshmi Kanjilal
Interests: Amrita CREATE, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Animal and Media Studies, Digital Humanities

Krishnanunni Hari
EFL University, Hyderabad
Interests: Critical animal studies

Swatilekha Maity
Jadavpur University, India
Interests: Animal Presence in South Asian Cultural Narrative, Human Violence on street animals, Urban Animal Studies

Shruti Ragavan
National Institute of Advanced Studies
Interests: More-than-human, urban animals, urban ecology, commons, infrastructure

Susan Haris

Rinu Krishna K
University of Kerala
Interests: Human Animal Studies, Feline Studies, Posthumanism, Feminist multispeciesm, Cultural Studies.

Sneha Gutgutia
National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru
Interests: Human geography, More-than-human geography, urban studies, Urban Political Ecology, Human-animal studies
@SnehaGutgutia (twitter)

Sundhya Walther
University of Manchester
South Asian literatures; postcolonial literatures and theory; environmental humanities

yulia gilich